Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Pants Dance

So, I have this box.

It's a big, moving type box (Chick-Fil-A waffle fry box to be specific), in the tip-top of my closet.

In big, sharpie marker it reads: Clothes To Grow In-To

At the beginning of the summer, I went through a "Pre-Cleansing Ritual". This all-important ritual involved removing all contraband from my pantry (you know, all the good stuff.....white pasta, hi-fat soups, chips, even stock items like extra ranch and chocolate chips!), making sure my goals and calorie budget were easily accessable, and sorting through my clothes to actually figure out what fit me in my current size and what many, many, many things didn't.

Because my most significant weight gain happened in the last 2 years, I've kept a good portion of my clothes as I've went up the sizes. Even before that, during college, though I didn't gain as much weight and I wore things out more, I kept my favorite things in hopes of getting back in them.

Most men scoff at the idea of keeping clothes around that don't fit you any more. For me, this was a very vital part of my journey. My plan success story is that I am going to lose weight so rapidly that I won't have the money to purchase new clothes for each size I pass.  But since I already have clothes in the next 2 or 3 sizes down that I've been keeping around, it all works out. :)

I don't, however, recommend keeping clothes that are incredibly dated and out of style and waaaaay further down your weight loss road. NOT because you won't get there. 
But because, 
A) they're just going to take up tons of closet space or shelf space 
B) they often act as more of a discouragement than a motivation, 
C) If it's too old chances are you won't like it when you do lose the weight and will throw it out anyways, and most importantly
D) You darn well deserve some new clothes and a shopping spree when you've lost that much weight anyways!!!!

So anyway, MY box. :)

This was the first time all summer that I've opened the box. I had a pair of jeans that I knew would fit me first that was already in my drawer, and frankly, I've just stretched the use of my shirts by wearing them layered or tighter, so I've mostly just noticed my shirts fitting better in general.

I decided to get down the box after I realized that my next pair of jeans (the one I kept in the drawer even though it was a bit small), was starting to get loose around the waist. Here's the result of what now fits!!!!!:

1 pair of dress pants (not worn for at least a year)
1 pair of pink capris (not worn since college)
2 pairs of khakis (at least 1 1/2 years)
1 new workout shirt (I'm not sure I ever wore this -I think it was on sale)
2 shirts that are know shifted to my "nearly fit" side of the closet
1 lacey-over-lay shirt thing-y that was too tight on my arms before

So yeah.......This is officially called Happy Pants Dance. The part of the blog where I come out and do a happy dance in front of my mirror, open my box and show what exciting things I fit into now! :) 

Yay for NSV!!!!! (non-scale victorys)

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