Monday, August 23, 2010

No Yo-Yo for me!

Today was my weigh-in day. 2 more pounds down!

That makes 24 pounds in 12 weeks!

I'm really proud of myself. I feel like when you are 100+ pounds overweight, everyone--including yourself-- just "knows" you are always going to be fat. Oh sure, you might loser 15 pounds, but it's coming right back. Because, after all, how did you get this way if you had the self-control and drive to be healthy? It's an expectation, that frankly, can aid in failure.

I KNOW that I am done being this way--lazy, lethargic, full of excuses, and gluttonous. I may still be 76 pounds from my goal weight, but in my mind, my heart, my very being, I have proved to myself this summer that I DO have the drive to continue this. I have shown that I am "good at weight loss".

As funny as that sounds, the best part about it is, that because it's true, in another several months or a year, I'll never have to be good at weight loss again.

Because there will be absolutely NO yo-yo-ing for me!
I'm doing this once and that is it.

Isn't it better, and easier for that matter, to develop habits and discipline that will get you to where you want to be, to be who you want to be, so that you can live your life from then on, instead of trying every new thing that comes out, just to lose and regain part of the weight?

I'm phasing out of my crazy, fanatical, summer workout schedule, and will be starting part time work soon again. I've learned that this summer was not to jump start my weight loss and get 40 pounds knocked out of the way. This summer was to jump start my mindset, to help me prove to myself that I can do this.

I may have not lost 4 pounds a week like I wanted to, but I developed healthy eating habits, cooking habits, exercise habits. I overcame (mostly) my extreme aversion to sweating, to breathing hard, to being the "big person" at the gym. Those are the things that made this summer worth it--teaching myself how to be disciplined and to develop healthy habits that will stick with me for the rest of this weight loss and even for the rest of my life of active maintenance.

So go do something healthy today--to prove to yourself that you can.

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  1. Diana,

    I am totally on the same page with you. I just read all 3 of your posts and they are very inspiring... I was starting to loose sight of my goal due to plateauing again for a while, but after reading, I'm inspired to keep pressing at it! Keep going girl!